Weaving Studio

The Weaving Program at OPTIONS was started in October 2012 thanks to the generosity of Karen Pfiefer who saw a similar program in Germany. The Weaving Program began as an enrichment activity, but it is now another OPTIONS business that provides meaningful work for men and women with disabilities.


Calin Ardoin

Calin became an active Weaving Artist in 2016. Her favorite things to weave are key chains, ornaments, scarves and art. She loves to make art to reflect her favorite teams, New Orleans Saints and LSU Tigers.

Ben Burton

Ben has been working in the OPTIONS Weaving Studio since January 2015. He has been crafting not just hand crafts, but works of art. He makes his unique pieces with great potential, putting effort in his work. He looks forward to sharing his creations with you.

Carlos “Fabrizio” Badely

Carlos was one of the first participants in the Weaving Studio when it opened in 2012. He enjoys creating different types of art work such as pillows and wall hangings. He loves to use lots of color and to experiment with different textures.

Unique Creations

Our weavers are independent artists that enjoy creating beautiful and unique items including rugs, scarves, dish towels and so much more.

They have learned how to create tasteful color combinations in their warps, wefts, and treasures to create pieces that are specific to their hand. Also they have learned to dress the loom, create their project, and sew hems and labels to completely finish their pieces.

We believe there are no rules, no mistakes and no limits on imagination.

Some of the creations from our talented weavers

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Weaving Product Instructions


Do not dry

Do not iron

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