OPTIONS Employment Program

Through OPTIONS job placement, job coaching and ongoing supports, people with disabilities have competitive jobs in the community.

OPTIONS provides people with disabilities with meaningful work opportunities through job placement and supported employment.

More people with disabilities have competitive jobs in the community through OPTIONS job placement, job coaching, and ongoing supports.

They work at businesses such as banks, offices, grocery stores, restaurants, retail stores, and government agencies.

OPTIONS Supported Employment Program provides jobs for people with disabilities.

Opportunities for employment include positions on OPTIONS Cleaning Crews, Learning Gardens, Fabulous Finds, Weaving Studio, and at            jobs with community businesses.

OPTIONS Employment Program provides support every step of the way. Support includes ensuring each position meets the needs and interest of the individual, providing on the job training, and may include transportation to and from work. Our goal is to give each person the means and tools for success.

Over 80% of people with disabilities in the U.S. are not employed and this program is just one solution to this problem. If your business is interested in providing opportunities or contracts to directly employ people with disabilities, please contact us at info@options4u.org

Job Placement

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Cleaning Crew

Learning Gardens

Weaving Studio

Fabulous Finds

Supported Employment

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